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The first two editions of Project White Horse 084640 leveraged the work, concepts and writing of the late Colonel John Boyd to introduce thinking on decision making in severe crisis, and his work continues as a main ingredient for consideration of intersectional approaches to extremely complex problems - "snowmobile building.". Since 1999, the major repository of Boyd's work has been kept by Boyd friend Dr. Chet Richards on his site Defense and the National Interest ( In Nov of 2009, Richards announced the intent to close down the site. This is one of several efforts to archive Boyd's briefings, along with significant adaptations by Dr. Richards.

Boyd Compendium

A Discourse on Winning & Losing

Destruction and Creation

Commentary by Chuck Spinney

Patterns of Conflict

The Strategic Game of ? and ?

Organic Design for Command and Control

The Essence of Winning & Losing


Further Work by Dr. Chet Richards

Dr. Chet Richards was one of John Boyd's close associates and collaborators, and is the only authorized briefer of Boyd's Patterns of Conflict. He is the author of multiple books on business and military strategy, mostly "Boydian" in nature. Below are four major presentations that Chet has developed and used in teaching. Please note, each will take a few moments to open, given their size.

(Chet Richards graciously agreed to be an advisor for PWH and has made multiple contributions to this site)

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