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Discussion on Decision Making in Severe crisis

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At Five Years: Unconventional Crisis, Narrative Rationality, Sense-making and the Readiness Factor  


Welcome to the fifth anniversary Edition of Project White Horse 084640.

Counting the current issue, there are now eleven editions made up of eight true website editions plus three other major focus efforts archived as an Edition but provided originally as articles in the FORUM (blog) in series format. Throughout the last two years PWH has provided a series (Edition #9) addressing the nature of warfare in the 21st Century, and in Edition #10, defining and considering critical boundary conditions/perspectives as critical to decision making in crisis: 1) unconventional crisis, 2) high reliability organizations, 3) Washington's leadership in the Revolutionary War, and 4) the use of John Boyd's theories and work in regard to novelty and learning.


Following on from General Honore's Idea of a culture of preparedness and the emphasis on "knowing what to do," vs. "doing what you know," sense-making is this edition's focus, addressing first, Unconventional Crisis by Erwan Lagadec and second, the Cynefin Framework impact of discernment of ordered, unordered or disordered when faced with initial stages of a severe crisis by David Snowden and Mary Boone.

Additionally, this edition offers a sixth version of DaVinci's Horse intended to leverage the "sense-making" ideas, while capturing some of the key points presented over the last five years. Indeed, those thoughts are embedded within the offered idea of the Readiness Factor model as a critical thread for resilient communities and a Culture of Preparedness, with sense making seen as the underpinning.


The Readiness Factor or learned adaptability or creativity – figuring out how to use what you already know in order to go beyond what you currently think, … learning required.